What You Need to Know to Start an Auto Glass Repair Business

What You Need to Know to Start an Auto Glass Repair Business

Do you want to start an auto glass repair business? Whether this is something you’ve pondered for a while or if the first time you’ve ever contemplated this option is right now while you’re reading this sentence, there are a lot of good reasons to start an auto glass repair business. This article will go over a few of the reasons why it might be a good idea for you to start an auto glass repair business and how you should go about doing just that.

Why An Auto Glass Repair Business?

According to Statistics Canada, there were 34.3 million registered vehicles in Canada in 2017. That puts the number of potential vehicles on which auto glass repair businesses could work on at … 34.3 million.This means that there are 34.3 million vehicles out there that will likely someday need the services of an auto glass repair business and that is a truly enormous pool of potential customers.

Choosing An Auto Glass Repair Business

So, there’s good reason to enter into the auto glass repair business. But how do you enter the business: with your own, completely independent business from started from scratch, or by purchasing a franchise? This is the first question you must ask yourself in the process of starting an auto glass repair business. Starting your own business from scratch might be romantic. But first, do you know how to repair auto glass? Do you have the tools and technology to do so? If not, forget it. But even if you do, will you really be able to find customers operating under the name of an unknown brand?

Going the franchise route just makes a lot more sense. With a franchise, you’re still your own boss, plus you just get training and support from the franchisor. You get a template that has proven to be successful. You get a well-known brand name that customer’s trust. You get tools and patented technology to actually repair the glass you need to repair. But this is all true only if you pick the right auto glass repair business from whom to buy a franchise.

Picking The Right Auto Glass Repair Business

To succeed with a franchise location in any industry, you need to pick the right franchisor from whom to buy, and the auto glass repair business is no different. So, what qualities should you look for in auto glass repair franchises? To start, we have all of the attributes listed above: training and support, a trusted brand name, decades of success, patented technology. Beyond that, look for a franchise that comes with an Area of Primary Responsibility (APR) which guarantees the franchisor won’t allow another franchise location to start up in your area.

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NOVUS Glass Repair & Replacement offers all of the qualities listed in this article and more. To start your journey of owning an auto glass repair business, please contact us.

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