What You Need to Know About the Windshield Repair Franchise Business

What You Need to Know About the Windshield Repair Franchise Business

While there is a lot of money to be made in the windshield repair franchise business, it’s not some kind of get rich quick scheme; you can’t just make a fortune with good luck. You need to know what you’re doing. If you’re considering buying a windshield repair franchise business then there are some things you should know before you go any further.

The history of the windshield repair franchise business

Windshield repair businesses have existed almost as long as the automobile industry has. And windshield repair franchises have existed almost as long as windshield repair has. The first automobiles did not have windshields or auto glass. But as vehicles became capable of driving at faster speeds, windshields became necessary. In the century that has since passed, auto glass has become stronger, more flexible and improved in a number of ways. But auto glass will never be indestructible, so there will always be a need for windshield repair franchise businesses.

The strength of the windshield repair franchise business

There are several advantages that the windshield repair business holds over other types of businesses. But there’s one big one; the truly enormous pool of prospective customers that a windshield repair business has. There were 24.6 million registered road motor vehicles in Canada in 2017. Each one of those vehicles has a windshield and each one of those windshields can crack, chip, and shatter. Windshields will need repair at some point during their use with many needing multiple repairs over the years. This means there is a ton of business out there for windshield repair franchise businesses.

Why franchising works well for windshield repair businesses

There is also a lot of business out there for an independently owned windshield repair business, so why would a windshield repair franchise be the better option? There are several reasons:

  • The power of branding – If you buy a windshield repair franchise from a respectable and well-run business, then you have a huge head start over independently owned windshield repair businesses. If a customer once had a windshield repair done at another franchise location and was impressed with the service, they are more likely to bring their business to you. People want to go where they feel comfortable, to a business that seems familiar and that they can trust.
  • Education and training – Not everybody who enters the windshield repair business can possibly know everything they need to about the business. That’s why good franchisors offer initial training periods and ongoing education to help with everything you need to know.
  • Technology – You may not think it, but technology is crucial to windshield repair businesses. You need the right glass repair technology to do the job right. By purchasing your franchise from a windshield repair business who invests heavily into research and development and who owns a number of patents on windshield repair technology will mean that you can provide better service than your competition.

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