What Makes an Auto Glass Repair Franchise Successful?

What Makes an Auto Glass Repair Franchise Successful?

What makes a successful auto glass repair franchise? How do you make a profit with an auto glass repair franchise? What do you need to know to succeed in the auto glass repair business? This article will go over some of the attributes we see in successful auto glass repair franchises.

The Benefits of the Auto Glass Repair Business

As with all businesses in all industries, not all auto glass repair franchises will be successful. However, this business does have several advantages over other businesses which can mean that a large percentage of those who do make a go of it in the auto glass repair game should come out with a profit. What are these industry-wide advantages?

The first benefit you have is the huge customer base. There are over 30 million vehicles in Canada and they all have glass. When the glass chips, breaks or cracks on any of those 30 million plus vehicles, the owners will be seeking out a glass repair business. It’s not something people do every day or even every year, but there are enough cars out there that there are always plenty in need of glass repair.

Second, that 30 million plus number is growing. The population is always increasing and more people mean more cars. Even if we, as a nation, upset the entire auto industry and switch to hybrid or electric cars tomorrow, those cars will still have glass. The future looks good for auto glass repair franchises.

Repeat Business

Those are the reasons why auto glass repair franchise can succeed, but what makes the successful car glass repair franchise so, well, successful? The first thing to focus on is doing a great job. No service oriented business can succeed without providing excellent service, so fix that glass well. Second, focus on the customer experience. The better customer service you provide, the likelier you are to get repeat business. Repeat business is hugely important in the auto service industry. If you do a good job fixing a customer’s glass the first time, then you might just have a customer for life.


The auto glass repair business might not seem like a very high tech industry, but technological innovation is hugely important to glass repair. The resins that auto glass repair franchises use has to be tremendously efficient to ensure a solid fix in a short period of time. Because of this, auto glass repair franchisors devote a lot of their resources to research and develop new resins, tools, and techniques. You want to buy a franchise from a company with a good number of patents under their belt.

The Right Auto Glass Repair Franchisor

As a franchisee, you can do everything right and still fail if your franchisor is incompetent, untrustworthy or simply has an unknown brand name. To really succeed, you need to buy an auto glass repair franchise from a company with a known and respected brand name that offers you training and support, along with an area of primary responsibility (APR) that guarantees another franchise location won’t pop up down the block from you.

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