What is a Mobile Windshield Repair Business and How Does it Work?

What is a Mobile Windshield Repair Business and How Does it Work?

Franchise ownership is a great way to become your own boss, reap more of the rewards of your hard work and all the while minimize your risk. Starting your very own, brand new, completely independent business might be a romantic idea, but going it alone is often unwise. Without a proven template for success, training, guidance and a brand name under which to operate, you’re unlikely to get very far. This makes franchises often worth the modest franchising and royalty fees that franchisees pay. And this is true in the windshield repair business as well. But whether you’re buying a franchise or going it alone, it takes a lot of money to get started. Is there any way for people of modest means to get into business ownership?

Low Cost Franchises

There are many low cost franchises out there. With some, you get what you pay for, but others are great doorways to success and profit. Many businesses try to lower the financial bar of entry to partner with them because they want the biggest pool of qualified franchisees available. But for some businesses, there is only so much you can do; some types of franchises are just inherently expensive. Windshield repair businesses do not fall into this category.

You can buy a windshield repair franchise for as little as $50,000. And they’re not all that expensive to run either. You don’t need a ton of expensive equipment like a complete auto body shop. You also don’t need to buy a big bread or pizza oven like some food franchises must, build or rent a big facility like senior care franchises must or hire a big staff like a retail franchise might. You can set up in a relatively small space and hire a small staff. But even this is beyond the means of some otherwise highly qualified franchisees. Is there anything they can do or do they just have to wait and save up their money?

Mobile Windshield Repair Business

There is another option and it’s called the mobile windshield repair business. Mobile windshield repair businesses are perfect for first time franchisees, franchisees who don’t have a very high net worth (yet), and for people who want a flexible lifestyle. Some windshield repair businesses operate out of a fixed location. The cost of buying or renting the property, as well as hiring the additional staff that are usually required, will increase your expenditures significantly. But it also allows you to generate more revenue. Even so, not everybody can afford to set up or run a fixed-location windshield repair business so they prefer the mobile option.

You can operate a mobile windshield repair business out of your home. When you get a call or request from a client for service, you simply meet them where they are, at their home, their work, or wherever. Many people who run a mobile windshield repair business only have one staff member: themselves. In this way, their overhead costs are minimal and this allows you to build up profit faster.


As part of your initial franchising fees, NOVUS Glass franchisees receive a NOVUS Glass mobile windshield repair van. To learn more about NOVUS mobile windshield repair businesses, please get in touch with us.


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