What Does an Auto Glass Repair Business Plan Look Like?

What Does an Auto Glass Repair Business Plan Look Like?

For any business to succeed, you need a good business plan. You can’t just wing it. You need to know how you’re going to make money, where to focus your efforts, and have an idea of what your big expenditures are going to be. It can be a tough thing to craft. You don’t always know what to expect so, sure, you can draft a business plan, but what will that mean for you in practice?

Franchise Business Plans

That’s one of the great things about franchising. When you buy your franchise you get a business plan with it. And if you buy from a successful franchisor with decades of experience, you get a time-tested and proven business plan. You have to know how to execute it properly and you have to work hard to do it, but you don’t have to invent it. Of course, every different type of business will have significantly different business plans from one another. So what about the auto glass business? What does an auto glass repair business plan look like?

Auto Glass Repair Business Plans

On the surface, auto glass repair businesses should have simple business plans. Many people own cars. The majority of those cars will experience chipped, cracked, or totally shattered glass at some point. Drivers do not typically have extra panes of glass lying around nor do they have the skills to install them nor the tools to replace broken glass, so drivers must hire somebody to repair their auto glass. Hence the need for auto glass repair businesses.

Keys To Successful Auto Glass Repair Business Plans

But that’s just the bare bones of an auto glass repair business plan. Saying you just repair auto glass is like a world famous restaurant saying they just serve food. How you repair auto glass, including where and when, are key to forming a successful auto glass repair business plan. The first key we’ve already mentioned: franchising. The business plan for an auto glass repair franchise location is much easier to execute and likelier to succeed. Going it alone means you have no brand of which to be a part and no lessons to learn from those experienced in the auto glass repair business.

Secondly there is the glass itself. The repair glass should be your biggest recurring expenditure. But you can’t cheap out on it lest you give your customers a subpar product. But there’s good news here. The glass itself will cost you a lot because you buy so much of it, but it’s not particularly expensive. Furthermore, the glass is easy to access. Auto repair glass can be stored cheaply in warehouses all over the country that are easy to get to.

Lastly, there’s customer service. All auto glass repair business plans rely heavily on recurring business and word-of-mouth. The auto repair glass business is, in its essence, a service business. Yes, the quality of your product (the glass) is important, but so is the service you provide. You must be punctual, understanding, friendly, and professional. By impressing your customers you make it likelier that they’ll call you again when they need auto glass repaired or refer to you a friend.


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