What does a Windshield Repair Business Plan Look Like?

What does a Windshield Repair Business Plan Look Like?

The windshield repair business isn’t particularly difficult to understand. Windshields are susceptible to chips and cracks and they occasionally shatter. When this happens, said windshields must be repaired or replaced. Repairing and replacing windshields is very difficult and very few people have the expertise and tools to do it themselves, so they get a windshield repair business to do it for them. Simple, right?

Windshield Repair Business Plans

It is fairly simple to understand if you’re a customer of a windshield repair business. But if you’re looking to own and manage a windshield repair business, you need to know a little more. For example, what does a windshield repair business plan look like? How do you maximize profits as a windshield repair business? What are your biggest expenditures? What is your target demographic?

Franchises Vs. Independent Businesses

This article will largely focus on the business plans of windshield repair franchises. This is partly because we at NOVUS Glass are a windshield repair franchise, but also because independent windshield repair businesses are becoming rarer and rarer, largely because they are so impractical. To run an independent windshield repair business, you would have to have all the expertise you need yourself as well as having access to high quality tools and resins. This is very rare and even so, how will customers know about you?

Customer Service

A big part of a successful windshield repair business plan relies on repeat business. When a customer receives quality service, they’re likely to return to the same windshield repair business. But people move around; they don’t always stay in the same place. As a result, they will scour their new surrounding areas for a windshield repair business operating under the same brand name that helped them before. Customer service is important for any business but it is absolutely crucial for windshield repair businesses.


Surely the auto glass itself is a huge expenditure for windshield repair businesses, right? Well, yes and no. Obviously, you need to buy a lot of glass to replace windshields day in and day out. Because you buy so much auto glass, you can get reduced, bulk prices. Glass wholesalers have warehouses all over the continent and you can get the glass from them quickly. The whole process of getting replacement glass is often quicker and cheaper than most people think.

Target Demographic

The target demographic for windshield repair businesses are people aged 16 and up. In other terms, anybody who drives a car. There are about 25 million registered vehicles in Canada. Windshield repair businesses benefit from having a truly enormous customer base.

Mobile Vs. Fixed Location

The business plan of your windshield repair business will differ significantly depending on whether or not you run a fixed location or a mobile operation. You can operate a mobile windshield repair business out of your home and meet clients wherever they are. You can be your only employee if you want. Mobile locations offer great flexibility and are low cost, because there’s so little overhead. Fixed locations cost more to start and operate. But they allow you to repair more windshields, sometimes two vehicles at the same time, so there is the opportunity to make significantly more revenue.


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