Tips for Starting a Windshield Repair Business

Tips for Starting a Windshield Repair Business

Starting a windshield repair business can be a great move toward a great career. As a business owner you would get to be your own boss, and doesn’t that sound pretty sweet? Furthermore, you will get to reap more of the benefits of your hard work and success. As an employee of a business, you can hard work really hard and help the business succeed, but the number on your paycheque won’t necessarily change. So there are a lot of great reasons to start your own business.

By why should you start a windshield repair business, specifically? Well, there are many reasons. Over 34 million, actually. That’s because there were over 34 million registered vehicles in Canada in 2017, according to Stats Canada. That’s over 34 million windshields and a lot more windows, all of which can crack and break requiring the services of a windshield repair business. Windshield repair businesses are relatively low cost as well, so they’re a great option. But just how should you go about starting a windshield repair business?

Starting a windshield repair business

Before you start a windshield repair business, you have to take stock of what you have. First, do you have the capital required to start a windshield repair business? Second, where will you run your windshield repair business? From a shop or from your home? From your home requires no overhead; you drive to wherever customers need you and perform the glass and windshield repair or replacement there. If you can afford a physical windshield repair shop, you might be able to make more money by servicing more customers, but not every area needs a windshield repair shop.

Franchise or independent business?

Before you start scouting locations or buying equipment, you need to decide if you want to run an independently owned windshield repair business or if you want to purchase a windshield repair franchise. Given that you, surely an independent windshield repair business is the better option, right? Well, probably not. Starting up an independent windshield repair business isn’t cheap, either. And where will you get your customers? Nobody knows that you exist so your initial marketing budget could be very high.

But if you start a windshield repair franchise, you can start with an already recognizable and trusted brand name. Customers won’t know you personally, but they’ll know the brand and you can get their business. That is it, if the brand name is a recognized and trusted one. Furthermore, windshield repair franchisors can give you patented tools and technology to repair windshields. If you go it alone, you’ll have to figure out all of that by yourself.

NOVUS Glass Repair & Replacement

For over 45 years NOVUS Glass Repair & Replacement has been an industry leader in the auto glass repair sector. NOVUS is especially prolific in research and development; NOVUS has been awarded more U.S. patents than the rest of all the businesses and companies in the glass repair business combined. At NOVUS, we are always looking for qualified candidates to spread our good work. If you are interested in starting a windshield repair business, then you must contact NOVUS Glass Repair & Replacement.

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