The Process of Starting an Auto Glass Business

The Process of Starting an Auto Glass Business

Starting an auto glass business might just be the best business decision you will make. Many people have made a great living by running an auto glass business. And it makes sense. There are about 24.6 million vehicles in Canada, and that number continues to grow each year. And every automobile has glass, therefore there are literally millions of potential customers for an auto glass business.

How Do You Start An Auto Glass Business?

Auto glass businesses represent a great opportunity for financial and career success, and because there’s so much work out there for auto glass businesses, they are a relatively safe investment. But that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to make a fortune with an auto glass business. You have to do the hard work of starting an auto glass business as well as getting it established. And auto glass franchisors don’t partner with just anybody. So how do you start an auto glass business?

Picking The Right Type Of Business

If you plan to start your own, independent auto glass business, then you’re about to embark upon a very labour-intensive process. As an independent auto glass business owner, you’ll need to be an expert in auto glass repair and know a reliable supplier who can sell you high quality auto glass tools at a great price. It would be beneficial if you have filed a few patents on auto glass repair technology, too. And even if you do have and have done all of that, you still won’t have a reputable brand name under which to operate.

All of this is to say, when starting an auto glass business, it’s almost always better to buy a franchise than to start from scratch. Buying a franchise just gives you so many more advantages over an independent business. But not all franchises are equal. Far from it. You need to buy the franchise that’s going to give your auto glass business the best chance to succeed. That means picking a franchisor who grants you a guaranteed APR (area of primary responsibility), who has an established business with decades of experience and patented glass repair technology.

Choose Your Location

Another big decision you have to make is where you want your auto glass business to be. And not just where but what kind of auto glass business do you want to operate: a fixed location auto glass business or a mobile one? Fixed locations cost more because you have to pay to rent or buy the space, but they do allow you to service more vehicles. You can operate a mobile location out of your home and meet your clients where their cars are parked.

Figure Out Your Finances

Starting a mobile auto glass business will cost you less than a fixed location because you have less overhead and probably less (if any) staff. A mobile auto glass business is one of the lower cost franchises you can buy. But franchises are still a significant investment. Do you have the necessary liquid capital or do you need a loan?


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