The Auto Glass Replacement Business Plan

The Auto Glass Replacement Business Plan

Pretty much all business plans share a lot in common. It is in the small details that you begin to understand the differences between businesses. The details are key. The auto glass replacement business is not a complicated one. We all have a pretty good idea of how it works. Many people drive vehicles and these vehicles have glass that sometimes chips, cracks, and shatters. In such cases, that auto glass must be repaired or replaced. But what are the details that set successful auto glass replacement businesses apart from the not-so-successful ones. In this article we are going over auto glass replacement business plans.

The Auto Glass Replacement Business Plan

The biggest difference between an auto glass replacement business and many other types of businesses is that there is nothing you can do to increase demand for an auto glass replacement business. If you sell pizza, you can convince somebody that was going to eat a sandwich to eat a pizza instead. If you sell dishwashers, you can convince people that they’re worth the price of installation and use. But an auto glass replacement business? You can’t convince people to get their windshield repaired if there’s nothing wrong with it.

That is why effective auto glass replacement businesses focus on getting the most out of the demand out there. And, thankfully for auto glass replacement businesses, there is a lot of demand. There are over 35 million registered vehicles in Canada. The vast majority of those are vehicles with auto glass. (Some specialized industrial vehicles don’t have glass, but pretty much everything else does.) We can also press upon people the importance of auto glass replacement and repair. Small cracks can turn into big ones quickly and compromise the structural integrity of your windshield, so you should not put off getting your auto glass repaired or replaced if it needs it.

Research And Development

One aspect of auto glass replacement business plans that surprise some people is how much focus –and how many funds– are devoted to research and development. If you’re debating about which auto glass replacement franchise to buy, go with the business that invests more into R&D. Auto glass replacement and repair is actually a high tech industry. The development of resins and auto glass repair equipment is key to success for any auto glass replacement business plan. Without this investment into R&D, an auto glass replacement business won’t be able to keep up with its competitors.

Revenue And Expenditures

As with any business plan, a successful auto glass replacement business will pay close attention to the revenue they bring in and to the cost of doing business. Luckily, you have options with auto glass replacement businesses. To save money on overhead and run a low-expenditure business, open up a mobile auto glass replacement business. This way, you don’t need a physical garage, you just meet your clients where they are. You don’t even need any employees if you don’t want. If you have the means and want to maximize revenue, open up a fixed location auto glass replacement business to service as many vehicles as possible.


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