Some FAQs About Windshield Repair Franchise

Some FAQs About Windshield Repair Franchise

Whether the idea to buy a windshield repair franchise just popped into your head or you’ve already researched it extensively, it’s always good to go over some FAQs.

Is It A Good Idea To Start A Windshield Repair Franchise In A Recession?

At the time of writing, Canada and the United States, and many other nations, are grappling with lockdowns or restrictions in response to COVID-19. There’s a distinct possibility of an economic downturn resulting from this virus. Does that mean you shouldn’t buy a windshield repair franchise now? No, it probably doesn’t mean that.

If you personally have lost all your savings, then yes, you should probably wait and get your finances in order. But windshield repair franchises still do good business during harsh economic times. During the current situation, there’s probably less work because people are driving less. But this too shall pass. And while other businesses are still struggling to recover, windshield repair franchises should have a steady stream of customers because once your windshield cracks, you need to get it fixed. It’s not a luxury purchase you can postpone.

Why Is A Windshield Repair Franchise Preferable To Staring An Independently-owned Windshield Repair Business?

First, there are all the benefits you get in any industry from buying a franchise: a business model template, training and education, ongoing support, etc. But with windshield repair franchises, it goes even further. Windshield repair is a service. A service done on automobiles. Apart from being integral to many people’s daily lives, automobiles can be very dangerous when something goes wrong. People aren’t going to trust windshield repair to just anybody. If they recognize your brand name or hear good things about you, they’re far likelier to bring you their business.

What Is An Apr And Do I Need One?

APR stands for “Area of Primary Responsibility”. With this, a franchisor pledges to the franchisee that they will not allow another windshield repair franchise to open in the same area, thus cannibalizing your business. You definitely need one.

Is It True That Windshield Repair Is High Tech?

Windshield repair is not high tech in the computer technology sense. But it is high tech in the sense that a lot of innovation is required to create effective gels to repair glass. Look to buy a windshield repair franchise from a company that holds multiple patents on windshield repair technology.

Are Windshield Repair Franchises Expensive?

A windshield repair franchise, especially a mobile one, is one of the cheapest franchises you can buy. Furthermore, they’re not that expensive to run. You can store auto glass in warehouses relatively cheaply and operate your business out of your home.

How Can I Contact NOVUS Glass?

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