Questions to Ask Yourself When You See a Windshield Repair Business For Sale

Questions to Ask Yourself When You See a Windshield Repair Business For Sale

If you’re looking to be your own boss, looking to get into the windshield repair business, looking to add to your franchise portfolio or looking to move on from your current position as an employee of a windshield repair business, then you should be looking for windshield repair businesses for sale. The windshield repair business is firmly established, has a huge customer base, can generate a lot of revenue and is predicted to grow. These are all great reasons to look for windshield repair businesses for sale. But of course, not all the businesses for sale will be great opportunities. Some are bound to be better than others. How can you tell which are the truly great opportunities? Here are some questions you should ask yourself when you see a windshield repair business for sale.

Who Is Selling The Windshield Repair Business?

The first question is, “Who is the franchisor?” Do you recognize the name? Do your friends, family, coworkers, neighbours? It’s OK if they don’t, but if they do, what do they think? Brand names are important in the windshield repair business. You don’t need a world famous brand to succeed, but you at least need a brand name people don’t actively mistrust.

How Long Have They Been In Operation?

Similar to the first question, for how long has this particular windshield repair business been around? There are good franchises for sale for businesses that are still young. But it is a bit of a risk. The windshield repair business is about a century old. You can find some franchises for sale from windshield businesses that have been around for a few decades. Longevity demonstrates that a business has hit upon a profitable formula and methodology and that, since it’s worked for so many others for so long, it can work for you, too.

Are They Offering Mobile Or Fixed Location Windshield Repair Businesses?

Mobile locations –where you typically run the business out of your home and meet your clients where they are– are lower cost to set up and to run. They offer freedom and flexibility. Fixed locations require more capital and setup work, but they can make more money in the long run. Which is better for you? Does the windshield repair business that is for sale meet your needs?

Can You Afford It?

Mobile windshield repair businesses are lower cost franchises, but they’re still businesses, so they still require significant investment. What is your net worth? How much liquid capital do you have? It’s OK if you can’t buy a windshield repair business outright, because you can get a loan.

Do They Invest In Research And Development?

The act of repairing a windshield is not particularly complex. But the technology used to do the repair can be. The tools and gels needed require extensive research to be developed. You want access to this proprietary technology, so look for a windshield repair business that holds a number of different patents related to windshield repair.


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