NOVUS Glass – How it all Began

NOVUS Glass – How it all Began

Franchising is an interesting business model. On the one hand, when you buy a franchise, you are starting your own business. You own it, you manage it, and you run the day-to-day operations. It’s a lot of responsibility. But it also means you’re independent and that, minus a small royalty fee, all the profit you make is yours. And with that small royalty fee and a license and territory fee, you get something that other independent business owners don’t.

The Benefits Of Franchising

Owning a franchise means independence and joining an organization. It’s the best of both worlds. You get the autonomy you want but within a framework that supports you, gives you guidance, access to the right technology and tools, and a trusted brand name under which to operate. Many times, when you join a business of some kind, they will welcome you to their “family”. Let’s be honest; this is usually a meaningless cliché. You’re not part of a family. But with NOVUS Glass, it’s different. NOVUS Glass is built on family-owned success stories, and it all began with the Werner family.

Coming In From The Cold

It’s remarkable how many businesses, companies, artists, politicians, athletes, and more have been shaped by their environment. Had Dr. Frank Werner lived in Florida, NOVUS Glass might not exist today. But Werner didn’t live in Florida, he was an avid skier adept at navigating the slopes of Wyoming, Colorado, and elsewhere. Skiing can be a harsh sport with tough weather. Tough on people and on their windshields and Dr. Werner was tired of having to repeatedly replace his entire windshield because of chips from rocks and ice. He, along with chemical engineer Bill Wiele, developed windshield repair in the late 1960’s.

The Keinath Family

In 1972, Gerlad Keinath was an entrepreneur looking to make a better life for his family. He saw the potential of Werner and Wielle’s innovation and bought the patent to it. He then strategically developed a plan to bring windshield repair to the mass market. He saw the potential of this technology and named his company “NOVUS” –Latin for “new”– and for nearly 50 years NOVUS Glass has been repairing windshields for individuals and families all over the U.S. and Canada. In 1985, NOVUS became a full-fledged franchise company. In that time, we have relied on hard working, entrepreneurial-minded people to run their own NOVUS shops for and with their families.

Family Owned Businesses

NOVUS Glass has undergone two major corporate acquisitions in its history; first by Trans Canadian Glass and then, in 2017, by Fix Network. But in all that time, we’ve never lost sight of what makes NOVUS successful: our franchisees. Most of our franchisees have families and many of them choose to buy a NOVUS Glass franchise because of their families. Not only is owning a glass repair franchise a good career move, with a mobile NOVUS Glass franchise, our franchisees have a lot of flexibility as to when they work, so they can make sure they get enough time to spend with their families.

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