Owning a NOVUS Auto Glass Franchise – A Day in the Life

NOVUS Auto Glass Franchise

7:30 AM

The franchisee starts his day by checking the overnight deliveries from his glass wholesalers, being sure that all the glass needed for the day’s jobs have been delivered to the shop. If anything is missing or any jobs come up throughout the day, the wholesaler can deliver on the mid-morning run.
Novus Franchising

7:45 AM

Heading into the office, the franchisee uses his Point-of-Sale software to create routes for his mobile techs. With the addresses for each job, the software automatically generates a route for each technician to follow. The system will also send updates to customers when the tech is on their way to that job.
Novus Repair Franchising

8:15 AM

The franchisee heads back out to the shop and loads up his van for a day on the road. All the windshield replacements will be handled by the mobile techs today, but the day will still be a full one.
NOVUS Windshield Repair Business

8:30 AM

The first stop is at a used car dealership that is an account of the franchisee. Many used car dealerships and rental companies need auto glass services and today the franchisee is performing a repair for this account. He makes sure to say hello to the manager and ask if they need anything else before he heads out.
Novus Insurance

9:30 AM

The next stop of the day is at a local insurance agent. This is a new insurance agent in town and the franchisee wants to drop off some educational materials and answer any questions the agent has about glass claims for his customers. A large focus of the conversation is how chip and crack repair can save the insurance company and their customers time and money.
Novus Repair Franchising

10:45 AM

From the insurance agent’s, the franchisee heads to a local body shop. This is another account. The franchisee regularly removes and installs glass from vehicles requiring body work in this shop. Sometimes the same glass will go back in, other times a new windshield is required. Today, the franchisee is using a wire cut-out system to carefully remove a windshield without breaking it. He’ll return next week to reinstall this glass.
Owning a NOVUS Auto Glass Franchise

12:30 PM

After lunch, the franchisee takes a call from the shop. A customer came in asking if a replacement was possible that afternoon. The franchisee can stop at the glass wholesaler’s warehouse and pick up the necessary windshield. He can be back in 15 minutes and the customer can be on their way early that afternoon.
NOVUS Windshield Replacing

1:00 PM

When the franchisee arrives back at the shop, one of his in-shop techs has a semi-truck pulled into the tall bay and is preparing to replace the windshield. The franchisee will help the tech set the new glass as the height of the truck makes it a very difficult job to do alone, unlike most passenger vehicles.
Novus Glass Support

2:00 PM

Back in the office, the franchisee makes a couple of calls. First, he calls the NOVUS corporate offices to talk to the marketing manager. The franchisee wants to place a radio ad in his local market and wants to review the pre-made, customizable ads that are available. His second call is to a local trucking company. With over-the-road trucks, pick-up trucks, and heavy equipment, this is a large account for the franchisee and he checks in with them regularly to see what they need and how the service has been for them working with his shop.
Novus Glass Support

3:00 PM

The franchisee’s next task is to review resumes for a new technician. He placed the ad, which NOVUS corporate helped him create, the previous week and is now in the hiring process. With the business growing, at least one new tech will need to be hired.
NOVUS New Program

3:30 PM

The franchisee then heads out to the reception area to check in with his CSR. They review the jobs for the next day and verify that all the necessary glass and parts are set to be delivered on the overnight. They also discuss a new program from NOVUS corporate to help the shop generate Google reviews.
NOVUS Glass Day in the Life

4:00 PM

The day is winding to a close and one or two jobs are remaining, but the CSR will lock up at the end of the day. The franchisee heads home to spend time with his family, rest, and enjoy the evening.
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