Is There Money in a Glass Repair Franchise?

Is There Money in a Glass Repair Franchise?




Owning a franchise is a great way to make a living. For one, you get to be your own boss. And who among us, on some level, doesn’t want to be their own boss? However, unlike independent business ownership which can be fraught with pitfalls and obstacles, franchise ownership gives you a safety net and several key advantages. If you buy into the right brand, you get brand name recognition and trust right out of the gate. You also get training and support as well as access to important property; intellectual or material (such as patented equipment). But of all the franchises one could buy, why buy a glass repair franchise? Is there money in it?

Glass repair franchises

Glass repair franchises are versatile and stable; a winning combination. They’re versatile in that they can be fixed or mobile. If you have the capital and want to set up a shop for your glass repair franchise, you can. However, if you prefer to keep costs low by cutting the overhead, you can run your glass repair franchise out of your home and meet your clients wherever they need you. And you have a lot of potential clients.

According to Stats Canada, there were over 34 million registered vehicles in Canada in 2017. That’s a lot of vehicles. And they all have glass. Glass windows and windshields will always be susceptible to cracks, chips and breaks. And so, the services of a glass repair franchise will always be needed. Few other businesses can claim such a large pool of potential customers.

The cost of glass repair franchises

OK, glass repair franchises have the potential to make a lot of money because of the size of the customer base. But how much do you have to spend? What do glass repair franchises cost? You might think it’s a lot, but actually glass repair franchises are on the lower end of what franchises cost. First, because you can run a mobile glass repair franchise, you don’t have to pay to rent or buy a commercial property. If you can afford it, you can do more business with a large property and staff to service vehicles, but it’s not necessary to run a glass repair franchise.

Second, the equipment you need to run a glass repair franchise, though vital, is not particularly expensive. Such equipment is cheaper than, say, a hydraulic lift needed at a full service auto body shop or a deep fryer for a fast food franchise.

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