Important Benefits of Auto Glass Repair Franchises

Important Benefits of Auto Glass Repair Franchises

Auto glass repair franchises offer some benefits that other types of franchises do not. What matters to you will depend on your circumstances, interests, location and finances. Everybody is different, of course. But vehicle glass repair franchises are attractive to a lot of entrepreneurs and prospective franchise owners. To find out why, keep on reading. This article will go over some of the important benefits of auto glass repair franchises.

Freedom And Flexibility

There are two main reasons most people get into franchise ownership. One is to make money, which we will go over a bit later. The other is because they want to be their own boss. They’re tired of punching the clock, working from nine to five at the same place, day after day, for somebody else. They want some measure of freedom and flexibility. And auto glass repair franchises can offer just that.

First, you have the freedom of location. Do you want a fixed location or mobile auto glass repair franchise? A fixed location costs more money, because you have to pay for the land and the upkeep of the building where you repair the glass. Fixed location franchises tend to have larger staff, as well, so you’re spending a lot more money. But fixed locations also allow you to repair more vehicles. Customers bring their vehicles to you so you don’t spend time driving to them and some fixed locations can service multiple vehicles at once.

Low Cost Franchises

Mobile glass repair franchises are a great, low cost franchise opportunity. You can operate your glass repair franchise out of your home and meet your customers where they need you. What’s more, if you want you can be your whole staff and handle everything yourself. And you work the schedule you want, giving you enough time to pick your kids up from school, to have lunch at your favourite spot or to take piano lessons once a week. Whatever you want, just keep in mind you have to be available enough to see enough clients to make money.

Stable Customer Base

According to Stats Can, there were 24.6 million road vehicles in Canada in 2017. And each of those millions of cars has glass. And glass can always be chipped, cracked and broken. That’s a lot of car glass that will likely need at least one repair at some point. The customer base for car glass repair franchises is very strong; there are no fads to worry about, no chance of glass becoming obsolete, nor is it very likely that people will start repairing their own car glass. The technology, tools and skills required to do so are not abundant among the general population.

Geographic Demand

It’s not just that the number of cars in Canada is high, it’s that car ownership rates are high across the nation. Rates of car ownership are higher in rural and suburban areas, because everything is spread out in these places; one needs a car to get around. In cities, rates of car ownership are lower, but there are so many more people that the density of cars is still usually higher.


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