How to Start an Auto Glass Business

How to Start an Auto Glass Business

The auto glass business can be a very enticing one to many entrepreneurial people. There are many reasons for this and every person will have their own individual reasons for wanting to start an auto glass business. One thing all auto glass business owners have in common is that they think they can make money by running an auto glass business. And there’s good reason to think this way, but the auto glass business is not a golden ticket to a guaranteed fortune. You need to know what you’re doing. Here’s how to start an auto glass business.

Examine your wants

What do you want to get out of being a business owner? Presumably, you want to be your own boss. Furthermore, you want to make money and we’ll get to that later. What else do you want? Flexibility? To help people? To work at a job that doesn’t consist of turning up to the same place for the same eight hours every day?

If you answered yes to all three of those questions, then you should consider starting your own auto glass business. In terms of flexibility, you have a lot of options. If you have the necessary capital, you can buy a property, set up an auto glass repair shop and hire all the staff you need. Or you can run your auto glass business as a mobile unit, count yourself as your only employee and meet all your clients wherever they need you.

Examine your finances

It’s impossible to say exactly how much money you need to start an auto glass business. The exact amount will depend on where you live, what resources you already have, if you choose to buy a franchise, and if so, which franchise. Generally speaking, auto glass businesses are on the low cost side of the scale of all of the franchises out there. Some franchises can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, but you probably only need to spend between $35,000-$40,000 on franchising fees to start an auto glass business. The other costs will vary wildly depending on where you live, whether you want to start a mobile or fixed location auto glass business, and other factors.

Pick a franchise

The reason we’re discussing franchises so much is because it’s a great deal easier with more potential profit than a completely independent business. Of course, we at NOVUS Glass would say that, wouldn’t we? But it’s true; auto glass franchises are more profitable and that’s the whole reason we decided to adopt the franchise model ourselves. But what makes auto glass franchises a better bet than independent businesses?

First, auto glass franchisors offer comprehensive training packages and ongoing support. Few people who start an auto glass business are auto glass experts to begin with. But let’s say that you are. Could you start your own independent auto glass business? Maybe, but with what technology? NOVUS Glass has been awarded more U.S. patents than the rest of the industry combined. If you start one of our auto glass businesses, you get access to the best glass repair technology in the business.

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