How To Master The Glass Repair Business

How to Master the Glass Repair Business

The glass repair business isn’t particularly difficult to understand. And that’s to its credit. The fairly simple business model means the glass repair business is accessible. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to master the glass repair business.

Mastering the glass repair business means surrounding yourself with the right people. This might seem odd for a business that you can run literally by yourself, but here’s what we mean by this:

The kind of glass repair business you run has a big effect on your chance of success. If you were to draw a Venn diagram of successful glass repair businesses and glass repair franchises, there would be a lot of overlap. Conversely, if you were to draw a Venn diagram of unsuccessful glass repair businesses and independent glass repair businesses . . . there would be a lot of overlap. Not every auto glass repair franchise succeeds and not every independent glass repair business fails, but there’s a strong correlation.

The reason so many independently owned glass repair businesses fail is because it’s hard for independent owners to know what they’re doing. There’s no guidance, no training, no support. And even if they have years of experience working as a glass repair tech already, nobody else knows that. It’s difficult for people to trust their glass repair to an unknown person rather than a glass repair brand with decades of experience. And then there’s the technology and equipment involved.

The glass repair business is deceptively high-tech. No, there aren’t tiny computer chips in every windshield. But repairing these windshields requires resins and equipment that must keep advancing with the developments in windshield structure.

Automakers include tiny improvements in their windshields all the time. Windshields will never be unbreakable, but they do have to keep evolving along with automobiles themselves. Along with that, the technology used to repair these windshields and other auto glass must also evolve. A good glass repair business invests a lot into research and development. Before you buy an auto glass repair business, look for a franchisor who holds several patents on glass repair resins and technology.

This article is about mastering the glass repair business. But there isn’t just one kind of glass repair business. You need to choose a business model that makes sense for you and your resources.

Some glass repair franchisors offer both mobile and fixed-location businesses. There are pros and cons to each, but it usually boils down to this question: do you want to minimize expenditures or maximize revenue? Glass repair businesses are among the most successful low-cost franchises one can buy. And a mobile glass repair business is even less expensive.

All you really need for a mobile glass repair business is a van and the right equipment. You can store your replacement glass in warehouses cheaply and just drive around and meet your clients where they are. You don’t even need a staff if you’re willing to do the glass repair and replacement yourself. Did you know that NOVUS Glass offers a fully equipped and branded mobile glass repair business for less than $50K?

A fixed-location glass repair business maximizes revenue because it allows you to work on multiple automobiles at once. With a big enough staff and garage, you can service dozens of vehicles a day.

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