How Do Glass Franchise Opportunities Compare To Other Franchise Opportunities?

How Do Glass Franchise Opportunities Compare To Other Franchise Opportunities?

Glass franchises represent great opportunities for entrepreneurial businesspeople. But they aren’t the only franchise opportunities. How do glass franchise opportunities stack up against the competition?

Franchising Is Not A Small Pond. You Have An Entire Sea Of Options. Some People Follow Their Passions. Others Just Want To Make A Profit. Glass Franchises Certainly Give You The Opportunity To Do That.

If you’ve always been interested in landscaping, then look for a landscaping franchise. If you’re a CPA, then look to open a personal accountancy franchise. But not everybody has such a clear-cut passion or skillset. It’s true, not many people grow up dreaming of owning a glass franchise. But many people dream of a financially rewarding career and glass franchises offer the opportunity to achieve that.

Of All The Franchises You Could Possibly Buy, How Many Of Them Have As Large A Customer Base As Glass Franchises?

It depends on what your criteria for a customer base are, but the answer is probably somewhere around zero. There are certain franchises that provide something that everybody needs, e.g., food franchises. Everybody needs to eat food, so, technically, you could say that a food franchise in Canada has a customer base equal to the country’s entire population. But not every person eats the same kind of food.

However, every driver (of a traditional road vehicle) in Canada needs auto glass. If you’re hungry you can choose between burritos, chow mein, gyros, and thousands of other options. When your windshield shatters, you must get it replaced. There’s no other option. And, given that there are more than 25 million registered road vehicles in Canada, that means the auto glass repair industry has a customer base of about 25 million people. (Note: these are not 25 million unique potential customers, because some people own more than one vehicle, but the end result is that same.) That is a massive customer base.

Owning A Glass Franchise Means You’re Unlikely To Ever Want For Potential Customers. But What About Cost?

You can’t buy a franchise on a whim; it takes significant investment. Having said that, very few viable franchises come at such a low cost as auto glass franchises. If you really want to save money, buying a mobile auto glass franchise is a great option. You can operate out of your home and meet your clients where they need you. You can store the glass cheaply in warehouses so you’re only real overhead is your van and your equipment. Other automotive franchises, food franchises, and any other franchise that requires a physical location will cost way more to buy and set up.


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