Dos And Don’ts For Starting A Windshield Repair Business

Dos and Don'ts for Starting a Windshield Repair Business

Want to know how to start a windshield repair business? You’re not alone. Windshield repair businesses attract many entrepreneurs. To stand out among them you need to know the dos and don’ts of starting a windshield repair business.

Do: Buy A Windshield Repair Business.

Want to know how to start a windshield repair business? Don’t start from scratch. Buying a windshield repair business from a franchisor gives you an excellent head start. Starting your own windshield repair business can be scary and risky. Don’t you want somebody to help you through this tricky process?

Don’t: Go It Alone.

But wouldn’t starting your own, independent windshield repair business be a much better story? If you like stories of heroic failure, then yes, probably. People often want to completely own their windshield repair business because they want to keep 100% of the profits. But 100% of zero is still zero and that’s what many independent windshield repair business owners are left with. Actually it’s worse than that because they are usually left with less than zero in the form of heavy debt. Think about it: windshield repair is a service you provide on people’s automobiles which are very important items. People won’t trust them to complete strangers and if they don’t know you, you probably won’t get their business.

Do: Buy Your Windshield Repair Business From A Reputable Franchisor With A Good Track Record.

People might not trust “Linda’s Windshield Repair”, but they might trust Linda if she’s the franchise owner of a windshield replacement business with a long history of success. Windshield repair franchises that have been around for decades prove that they both know how to repair windshields and that they know how to grow their businesses in a responsible and profitable way.

Don’t: Buy Your Windshield Repair Business From The First Franchisor You See.

You don’t want to start any old windshield repair business. You want to start the best windshield business you possibly can. That means avoiding potentially unscrupulous or incompetent franchisors. Make sure you get an area of primary responsibility (APR) that ensures the franchisor won’t allow another franchise to open up in your area.

Do: Look For A Windshield Repair Franchisor That Invests In Research And Development.

Learning how to start a windshield repair business also means learning about technology. Make sure the franchisor you’re considering buying from holds multiple patents in windshield repair.

Don’t: Spend More Than You Can Afford.

Windshield repair franchises are low-cost franchises but they’re still businesses. Make sure you understand your finances. Some franchisors are willing to finance qualified franchisees.

Do: Contact NOVUS Glass

Want to learn how to start a windshield repair business? Your first step should be contacting us.

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