Are There Opportunities in the Auto Glass Repair Business?

Are There Opportunities in the Auto Glass Repair Business?

We all want to be in a business that is both stable and has opportunities for growth. Whether we participate in that business as an employee or as a business owner, stability and growth offers us job security and a chanceto make a good living. But finding both of these attributes in any business is not easy. And then figuring out how to take advantage of a sector with both stability and growth can also be tricky. Take, for instance, auto glass repair business opportunities.

The Auto Glass Repair Business

The auto glass repair business has some great things going for it. First, we all have a basic understanding of what it is. We all know what an auto glass repair business does: they repair auto glass. There are a lot of businesses out there that are so cutting edge or so niche that simply understanding what they do can be very difficult. This can be a real impediment to their success, even if they can deliver a great product or service. If consumers don’t know when they need your product or service, then your business won’t have many opportunities to succeed. For the auto glass repair business, this is not an issue. We all know when we need the services of an auto glass repair business.

Auto Glass Repair Business Stability

The auto glass repair business is very stable. Why? Because there are so many potential customers. There were 33.8 million registered vehicles in Canada in 2016. That is 33.8 million automobiles with glass that can chip, crack, shatter or be knocked out of place. Every automobile has glass and often quite a bit of it. That is why auto glass repair businesses will always have opportunities to find customers.

Auto Glass Repair Business Growth

The auto glass repair business is growing. Auto glass repair businesses fall under the umbrella of the automotive aftermarket services industry. This market consists of all transactions that involve an automobile after that auto’s initial sale by the manufacturer. As you can imagine, auto repair is a big part of this market and auto glass repair is a big part of auto repair. This stands to reason because a large portion of the surface area of any given vehicle is glass. Globally, the automotive aftermarket industry has been growing for years and is expected to hit a valuation of $1 trillion (USD) by 2022. Clearly, there are alot of opportunities to make money in the automotive aftermarket.

Auto Glass Repair Business Opportunities

Of course, all of this doesn’t mean that you can hang a sign outside your front porch that says “auto glass repair business” and expect to rake in the money. The auto glass repair business provides a lot of opportunity to make good money but only if you are running the right auto glass repair business. The best way to succeed is to partner with an auto glass repair franchise business that has been around for decades. An auto glass repair business with a proven track record of success and a recognized and trusted brand name. An auto glass repair business like NOVUS Glass.


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