A How To Guide for Starting Windshield Repair Franchises

A How To Guide for Starting Windshield Repair Franchises

Have you been thinking about starting a windshield repair franchise? If so, good for you. If not, maybe we can convince you it’s a good idea with this blog. Windshield repair franchises have a huge pool of potential customers, are part of a growing industry, and can be purchased, started, and run for relatively inexpensive costs. They’re a great starter franchise or an addition to a franchise portfolio. But how do you get started? Here is a how-to guide for starting a windshield repair franchise.

Step Zero – Resolve To Start A Windshield Repair Franchise

Let’s start at the beginning. In fact, let’s start even before the beginning. The key word in the title of this article (or at least one of the key words) is “franchise”. If you want to get involved in the windshield repair business, get involved with a franchise. Some people want to start their own independent business because they think it sounds more romantic or because they want to avoid paying modest franchise fees. That might make sense for some industries, but not for windshield repair.

As an independent business owner, where are you going to get your tools and resins to repair windshields? How will you know which resins are best? Without a brand name with decades of success behind you, why would anybody trust their windshield to you? To whom will you turn for guidance? How will you compete with a successful windshield repair franchise that opens up across the street from you? Going it alone is plagued by far too many pitfalls. It makes much more sense to start a windshield repair franchise.

Step One – Find Out Which Windshield Repair Franchises Are Looking For Franchisees In Your Area

It does you no good spending hours researching which are the best windshield repair franchises for you only to learn your top choice isn’t looking for anybody where you live. First, figure out which windshield repair franchises are looking for franchisees to start new locations around you and then go from there.

Step Two – Figure Out Your Finances

Starting a windshield repair franchise is a cheap endeavour when compared with starting other types of businesses. But it’s still not something you can do on an impulse. You have to save your money. You have to figure out if you want to take out a loan and, if so, if you want to receive that loan from a bank or financial institution. Look for a franchisor with a clearly displayed financial section.

Step Three – Choose Your Windshield Repair Franchise

Next, you have to pick who you want to work with and apply to buy one of their franchises. Look for a company with a decades-long history of success. A company that invests heavily into research and development and who owns several patents on windshield repair resins and technology. Also, only choose a windshield repair franchise that offers training, ongoing support, and an area of primary responsibility (APR). This means that they won’t let another franchise open up in your area.


If you’re ready to take the first step toward starting your own windshield repair franchise, please get in touch with us today.

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