7 Reasons to Buy a Windshield Repair Franchise

7 Reasons to Buy a Windshield Repair Franchise

Are you on the fence about buying a windshield repair franchise? Not sure if it’s the right franchise for you or if now is the right time to invest in the windshield repair business? This article can help. Windshield repair franchises may not be right for everybody, but they’re certainly a good investment for a lot of people. Here are seven reasons to buy a windshield repair franchise.

1. A Huge Customer Base

Perhaps the most obvious reason to buy a windshield repair franchise is that it has a huge customer base. There were 34.3 million registered motor vehicles in Canada as of 2017. If you consider the vehicles themselves as customers, then you have 34 million of them nationwide. (Obviously, this doesn’t translate to 34 million people because some people own multiple vehicles.) Perhaps not every single vehicle will need a windshield repair, but most will at some point in their lives.

2. That Customer Base Is Growing

The number of Canadian motorists is growing. In 2016 the number of registered vehicles was 33.8 million and 33.2 million in 2015. Clearly, the number of automobiles is increasing. Few industries have such a massive pool of potential customers, especially one that is also growing.

3. A Stable And Steady Future

Will all automobiles be electric by 2040? Hybrid by 2030? Will new automakers disrupt the market? For windshield repair franchises, it doesn’t really matter. While automobiles may change a lot in the near future, they’re still going to have auto glass. And as Elon Musk hilariously learned recently, auto glass will always be susceptible to chips, cracks, and shatters.

4. You Can Maximize Revenue With A Fixed Location Windshield Repair Franchise

Starting up a windshield repair franchise gives you options. Do you want to maximize revenue and repair as much auto glass as possible? You can start a fixed location auto glass repair business with a team of technicians that allows you to increase your volume of business.

5. You Can Have A Flexible Schedule With A Windshield Repair Franchise

Want a more flexible schedule? You can run a mobile windshield repair franchise. By operating your windshield repair business out of your home, you can meet your clients wherever they are. All you really need is a van with necessary equipment and tools and you’re good to go. You only need one employee for this type of auto glass repair business: you.

6. You Get Variety

With a windshield repair franchise, you don’t have to show up to the same gray office and see the same people day after day. You get new clients every day and if you run a mobile windshield repair franchise, you’ll always be on the move to new scenery and new clients.

7. You Get To Help People

Business isn’t always just about the bottom line. You can make a very good living by running a windshield repair franchise, but you can also get more than that. You get to help people. Don’t underestimate what that can do for you. Helping people makes everybody feel better and you’ll feel good about that.

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