6 Tips to Start an Auto Glass Business

6 Tips to Start an Auto Glass Business

If you start an auto glass repair business, you’re probably going to make money with it. Probably. There are no guarantees in life and many people have screwed up and ended up with a failed auto glass business. But it’s not just luck that separates the success stories from the not-so-success stories. There are certain things you should know before you start your auto glass repair business if you’re going to be successful. Here are six tips to help you start an auto glass repair business.

1. Don’t Start From Scratch

If you completely own your own independent auto glass repair business, you get to keep all the profits for yourself. Yeah! Except, wait. . . what profits? There probably won’t be any. Look, some can make it work. If they’ve worked as windshield replacement techs for years, already have all the right tools, and have saved up enough money to get started and to get through those many lean years when business still hasn’t picked up, then yes, maybe they can make it work. But for most people? Not so much.

2. Find The Right Auto Glass Business To Buy

You need to find a good auto glass business franchisor to guide you, give you support, teach you, train you, and help you get the supplies that you will need. But not all franchisors are that good. You need to find one who offers what you need. There are certain things you cannot compromise on, such as. . .

 3. Areas Of Primary Responsibility

An Area of Primary Responsibility, or “APR” for short, means your area is protected from intra-brand competition. If you have an APR you know the franchisor won’t let another auto glass repair business location open up down the street from you. The two of you would just eat into each other’s business until there’s nobody left.

 4. Focus On Tech And Development

You want to be part of an auto glass repair business that invests heavily in research and development. Auto glass repair can be surprisingly high tech. You need the best resins and equipment to repair and replace windshields effectively and quickly. You won’t necessarily get to examine the books of the whole auto glass repair business, though, so how can you tell if they invest enough in R&D? Well, patents are a good indicator. Buying from a company that has several patents on auto glass repair technology is a very good idea.

 5. Work Hard

You might think this tip is a bit lame, but some people have misinformed fantasies about what business ownership really is. You don’t get to just sit back and let everybody else do the work while the money rolls into your bank account. Especially since many auto glass repair business owners are their own only employee. Whatever day-to-day role you take with your auto glass repair business, know that there is no substitute for hard work.

6. Get In Touch With NOVUS Glass

NOVUS Glass has all of the important attributes mentioned in this article and more. To learn more about the auto glass repair business opportunities available at NOVUS Glass, please contact us today.

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