6 Things to Keep in Mind Before Opening a Windshield Repair Business

6 Things to Keep in Mind Before Opening a Windshield Repair Business

Do you want to open a windshield repair business? That’s not a bad idea. The windshield repair industry is stable and growing. It’s easy to understand what windshield repair businesses do, but it’s not always easy to understand just how you should go about opening one. Some think they know what they’re doing only to find out that they’ve gone about it all wrong. Here are six things to keep in mind before opening a windshield repair business.

  • Going it alone? Better know what you’re doing.

If you plan on opening your own, entirely independent windshield repair business, hopefully you already know what you’re doing. There will be nobody to help you get going, no business template to follow, nobody to train you, and no way of knowing about, or sometimes even getting, the best windshield repair technology. If you’re going to make it work, you should have experience in both managing a business and in windshield repair. And even then, it’s a tough ask. 

  • Franchises are better

Buying a windshield repair franchise is almost always the best way to go about opening a windshield repair business. With a franchise, your windshield repair business will be part of a larger company with a history, a brand name, and franchisors to give you education, guidance, and support. Buying a windshield repair franchise just gives you a much higher chance of success. 

  • Picking the right franchise

Of course, you have to pick the right franchise. The best windshield repair businesses have probably been around for a while, decades even. They have proven themselves to be successful. And they should invest in research and development. Windshield repair might not seem like a high tech business, but it actually is. Look to buy a windshield repair business from a franchise that has numerous patents on windshield repair technology. 

  • Mobile or fixed location?

Do you want to open a windshield repair business in a garage? Or in your home? Buying or renting a property for a fixed location windshield repair business will cost more, but it allows you to hire staff that can repair more windshields than a mobile business. This will help you to maximize your revenue. But a mobile windshield repair business will help you to minimize your expenditures, because all you really need is a van and your tools. You can go and meet your clients where they are and do the repairs yourself. 

  • Need financing?

Opening a windshield repair business is both expensive and cheap. Windshield repair franchises are among the lowest cost franchises around. But you’re still buying a business. You’ll need at least $50,000 just to cover the initial fees. If you need financing, where do you want to get it? 

  • Times is money / Patience is a virtue

How quickly do you want to open your windshield repair business? The process could take several weeks or several months. You should be prepared to open as soon as possible but also be patient in case the process takes a while.

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