6 Reasons to Buy an Auto Glass Repair Franchise

6 Reasons to Buy an Auto Glass Repair Franchise

Buying an auto glass repair franchise has proven to be a wise decision for many business people and entrepreneurs. Of course, not all auto glass repair franchises will thrive; that’s just the nature of business, there are no sure things out there. But, comparatively speaking, an auto glass repair franchise is a pretty safe investment. What makes auto glass repair franchises so great? Here are six reasons why you should consider buying an auto glass repair franchise.

1). The Pool of Potential Customers

The first reason to buy an auto glass repair franchise is that few other businesses offer as many potential customers as does an auto glass repair franchise. According to Stats Canada, there were over 33.8 million registered vehicles in the country in 2016. That’s a lot of vehicles and they all have glass and that glass will always need occasional repairs. Therefore, you’ll always have a lot of potential customers with an auto glass repair franchise.

2). Predicted Growth

The number of automobiles on Canadian roads is not predicted to stagnate or decline in the near future. Just as the population increases, so too can we expect the number of automobiles to increase. It’s a strong correlation between the two that we’ve seen for over a century. On a macroeconomic level, the forecast bears this out. The automotive aftermarket industry is comprised of all transactions to do with automobiles after their initial purchase. Auto glass repair and replacement is a big part of this market. The automotive aftermarket is expected to reach a valuation of $1 trillion (USD) by 2022.

3). Comparatively Low Costs

For all the potential revenue, you might be surprised to learn that auto glass repair franchises are actually one of the lower cost franchises. An auto glass repair franchise does not require all the same technology and equipment as do other auto repair shops, so auto glass repair franchises represent the easiest way for many to get into the automotive aftermarket industry. Most reputable auto glass repair franchisors will sell you an auto glass repair franchise for under $50,000, including all the fees.

4). Ease of Access To Tools And Equipment

The best auto glass repair franchisors also make it easy for you to get tools and equipment. You can often get resources such as resins and equipment straight from the franchisor who can also recommend where to get the other necessary tools. The glass itself is easily purchased from wholesalers and picked up from one of many warehouses.

 5). Relatively Short Startup Times

It doesn’t take long to set up an auto glass repair franchise. From start to finish, most can open their auto glass repair franchise within a matter of months; as few as two, if you’re really eager and have your ducks in a row.

 6). You Don’t Have To Be An Expert

You don’t need to know much about auto glass repair to buy a franchise. The best franchisors provide training and ongoing support so that your personal knowledge of how auto glass repair works is not paramount.

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