6 Reasons to Buy an Auto Glass Business for Sale

6 Reasons to Buy an Auto Glass Business for Sale

An auto glass business for sale represents an excellent opportunity for the entrepreneurial-minded individual to become their own boss, manage a business and make a tidy profit. But auto glass businesses for sale are not the only opportunities out there. There are many franchise businesses that one could buy. So why an auto glass business? Here are six reasons to buy an auto glass business for sale.

1. You Can Get Up To Speed Fast

The auto glass business is pretty simple. Even if you don’t know anything about replacing and repairing auto glass, you at least know what the job is. The rest can be taught to you and it won’t take a year of Sundays to do so. Furthermore, you don’t have to waste time explaining to potential customers what you do and why your service is of value. We all know broken auto glass needs to be repaired or replaced.

2. You Have A Huge Customer Base

There are over 25 million registered road vehicles in Canada today. Guess how many of these vehicles have glass in them? That’s right, all of them. In total there are over 35 million registered vehicles of all descriptions in Canada and, while some farm equipment and construction vehicles don’t have glass, pretty much all others do. This means there are well over 25 million potential customers for the auto glass business nationwide. Buying an auto glass business for sale allows you to tap into one of the biggest customer pools in the country.

3. Auto Glass Businesses Sell For Relatively Cheap

Many businesses for sale offer great rewards but the cost of buying them is too high for most people. This barrier to entry has potential franchisees looking elsewhere. Well, you need look no further than an auto glass business for sale. You can buy an auto glass business for sale for less than $50,000.

4. Auto Glass Businesses Offer Flexibility

You can also run an auto glass business inexpensively. Many people buy an auto glass business for sale, operate it on a mobile basis out of their homes and use themselves as their only employee. Not only does this lack of overhead reduce your expenditures, it also frees up your schedule. Want to make sure you have time to pick up or drop off your kids at school every day? You can do that. And if you have the means to, you can buy a fixed location auto glass business for sale and hire staff to increase productivity and revenue.

5. The Auto Glass Business Is Growing

The 25 million or so road vehicles are not going away. The number is only increasing. In the future they may all be hybrid, electric or heck, even flying cars, but they’ll still have auto glass and that glass will need repairs every now and then. The auto glass market is expected to grow to a value of $25.5 billion by 2022.

6. There are competent auto glass franchisors selling businesses

You can buy an auto glass business for sale from a franchisor who has been in business for years, even decades, and has demonstrated their competence. NOVUS Glass is one such auto glass business. To learn more, please contact us.

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