5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Starting a Window Repair Business

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Starting a Window Repair Business

If you want to start a window repair business, then you’ve come to the right place. Starting a window repair business can be a great financial and career decision for you. But you have to be prepared. To ensure that you know what you are getting into, here are five questions that you should ask yourself before you start a window repair business.

1. “Do I Want To Start My Own Independent Window Repair Business Or Buy A Franchise?”

The first question you must ask yourself is what kind of window repair business do you want to start? Do you want your own completely independent window repair business or is it better to start a franchise? Are you already an expert on windshield repair? Do you own the tools and resins you will need to repair windshields? Can you get a good deal with glass wholesalers to supply the replacement windshields you need?

If you answered yes to all the questions above, then you can try to go it alone. Otherwise, you’re going to need the guidance, technology and brand name of a respected window repair franchise. Franchising fees are generally very modest and they give you such a leg up on the competition that going it alone is pretty impractical except for a very select few.

2. “Do I Have Enough Money To Start A Window Repair Business?”

Buying a franchise is not like buying a new phone or a new sofa. Those are both expensive personal items to buy, but franchises are business investments; they don’t come cheap. Having said that, starting a window repair business is one of the least expensive ways to own your business. You can start up your own window repair business for less than $40,000. Mind you, there are many factors specific to you and your situation that will affect the ultimate cost. For example . . .

3. “Do I Want To Start A Fixed Location Or A Mobile Window Repair Business?”

You can operate your window repair business out of your own home. This works by you moving around and meeting your customers wherever they are. This is called a mobile window repair business and to operate this type of business you don’t necessarily need any staff beyond yourself. Because there’s so little overhead, mobile window repair businesses are much cheaper to start. However, with a fixed location window repair business, the customers can come to you (not necessarily in every case, though) and you can repair more windows than you can with a mobile business.

4. “Will I Get An Area Of Primary Responsibility?”

You want to make sure your franchisor won’t undercut your business by selling the rights to another franchise down the block from you. An area of primary responsibility (APR) ensures that the agreed upon area is yours and yours alone as far as the franchisor is concerned.

5. “Does This Franchisor Invest In Research And Development?”

Research and development is very important in the window repair business. Only buy a franchise from a company that invests heavily in R&D and has several patents.


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