5 Little Known Facts About Windshield Repair Franchises

5 Little Known Facts About Windshield Repair Franchises

Windshield repair franchises have an advantage over other kinds of franchises and that advantage lies in its simplicity. We all understand the basic service that windshield repair franchises serve: they repair and replace windshields. This makes it easier to get involved and easier to explain to people what you do once you get started. But even if we can understand the basics, there are still things about windshield repair franchises that many don’t know. Here are five little known facts about windshield repair franchises.

1. The Windshield Repair Business Has One Of The Largest Customer Bases In The Country

There are about 35 million registered vehicles in Canada with over 25 million road vehicles. With the exception of a handful of specialty vehicles (farm equipment, construction vehicles, etc.) all of these vehicles have windshields or auto glass of some kind. And much of this glass will crack, shatter, or chip at some point. That means there are over 25 million potential customers for windshield repair franchises nationwide. What other business has such a large pool of potential customers?

2. The Windshield Repair Business Is Growing

When we think of growing businesses we tend to think of new industries, maybe tech or new kinds of services. Windshield repair businesses are as old as the first automobiles to have windshields and yet, despite its age, the business is still growing. The automotive glass market is expected to grow into a $25.5 billion industry by 2022.

3. You Don’t Have To Know A Lot About Windshield Repair To Get Involved

Windshield repair franchisees are not necessarily experts on windshield repair. At least, most of them didn’t start out that way. The best windshield repair franchisors offer extensive training courses and ongoing guidance and support to get their franchisees up to speed. A good work ethic, strong leadership and communication skills, and some experience in management are more important than intimate knowledge of windshield repair, so don’t feel daunted by the windshield repair itself.

 4. Windshield Repair Franchises Can Be Mobile Or Fixed-location

Windshield repair franchises come in two main varieties: mobile and fixed-location. Fixed-location windshield repair franchises operate out of a garage and often have a staff of employees doing the windshield repairs. Fixed-location windshield repair franchises are more expensive to set up and have higher expenditures but can generate more revenue by doing more business. For franchisees with less wealth, a mobile windshield repair franchise is a great option. You can operate a mobile windshield repair franchise out of your home and simply drive your van to wherever your clients are. Mobile franchisees often do all the repairs themselves, sometimes with the help of one other staff member.

5. Windshield Repair Franchises Are High Tech

Windshield repair franchises might not seem technologically advanced, but tech is very important to windshield repair. Windshields are constantly changing in subtle ways and windshield repair franchises must keep up. That’s why investment into research and development is key. The best windshield repair franchises hold many patents on windshield repair technology so they can be sure they have the best resins and equipment.

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