4 Tips for Starting an Auto Glass Business

4 Tips for Starting an Auto Glass Business

Are you interested in starting an auto glass business? If so, then good; you’re thinking the right way. An auto glass business is a great investment. There are more vehicles on Canadian roads than ever before. More vehicles mean more windshields which mean more windshield cracks and breaks mean more demand for auto glass businesses. It’s a fairly simple formula. But just because now is a good time to start an auto glass business doesn’t mean just any auto glass business is bound to succeed. There are things you have to know how to do properly if you are to succeed in running an auto glass business. Here are four tips for starting an auto glass business.

  • Choose a Franchise

The very first thing you must do after resolving to start an auto glass business is to decide whether you want to run your own wholly independent auto glass business or to purchase a franchise. Buying an auto glass franchise gives you a huge advantage over those fully independent auto glass businesses. You get the template for a successful auto glass business given to you, you get ongoing training and support, and perhaps most importantly, you get a brand name. Brand name recognition is huge. If you operate your auto glass business under the umbrella of an already recognized and trusted brand, you won’t have a hard time convincing customers to give you their business. 

  • Carefully Consider your Location

Location is extremely important for any business. And we don’t just mean on a macro scale. Let’s assume you’re not foolish enough to start an auto glass business on a stretch of the Trans-Canada Highway 400 kilometres away from the nearest town. Choosing a location within a well-populated area can be just as crucial. Do you want to be in the suburbs or right downtown? And then you need to find a location big enough for your auto glass business. Working with a franchisor to figure out the best location possible is a good idea. 

  • Explore all your Financing Options

Starting an auto glass business isn’t cheap. You’re likely to make that money back, of course, and then some, but you’ve got to spend money to make money. Some people have all the liquid capital to start a glass business already, but many do not. In order to get that capital, you’ll need financing. Financial institutions are likelier to lend to you if you want to buy a franchise from a proven brand. 

  • Choose the Right Franchise

All the benefits of buying a franchise will be null and void if you choose the wrong one. You need choose the right auto glass repair franchise. A franchisor that with a trusted brand name with strong operations, sales and marketing support is a good start. Also look for a franchisor who offers an area of primary responsibility (APR) which guarantees that they will not let another franchisee start an auto glass business in the same area as you.

NOVUS Glass Repair & Replacement offers all of the above to our franchisees and more. To learn how to start your own NOVUS Glass Repair & Replacement franchise, please contact us today.

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