4 Keys to Success in the Windshield Replacement Business

4 Keys to Success in the Windshield Replacement Business

Many people have found great success working within the windshield replacement business. It’s a business that offers great flexibility, a huge customer base, and is forecasted to grow. Who doesn’t like the sound of that? But there are no guarantees in life. Some windshield replacement businesses will fail, so what separates the success stories from the failures? This article will shed some light on that question. Here are four keys to success in the windshield replacement business.

1. Start Off On The Right Foot

Business ownership is a bit romantic, right? You forge ahead on your own, ready to take responsibility for everything and reap the rewards of your hard work. For some, this romantic image is somewhat tarnished when you get help from a franchisor in exchange for a few fees. But how else are you really going to make it in the windshield replacement business? If you have worked as a windshield replacement technician for years, already have all the right tools, and have saved up tens of thousands of dollars (or more) to get started and to see you through those many lean years when business still hasn’t picked up, then good luck to you! We hope you make it.

For the vast majority of people, complete independence will bring nothing but financial ruin in the windshield replacement business. Most need a franchisor to guide them, give them support, teach them, train them, and help them get the supplies they need. But you have to choose the right franchisor. Do lots of research before you buy a windshield replacement business so you can be sure that you’re getting the best one for you.

2. An APR

One sign of a good windshield replacement business franchisor is that they offer an APR. APR stands for “Area of Primary Responsibility”. What this means is that your area. . . is your area. Nobody else’s. The franchisor isn’t going to betray you by allowing another windshield replacement franchise location to open up in your area. This would just cannibalize the business of the windshield replacement company.

3. The Right Tools For The Job

Another sign of a good windshield replacement franchisor is that they invest heavily in research and development. You might not think so at first, but windshield repair is kind of high tech. You need the best resins and equipment to repair and replace windshields effectively and quickly. Buying from a company that has several patents on windshield repair technology is a very good idea.

4. Money And Patience

As far as franchises go, windshield replacement businesses are relatively low cost. You can buy a top quality windshield replacement business for as little as $50,000 in franchising fees. And if you run a mobile windshield replacement business, you won’t need to pay commercial rent or buy a property. But you do need enough money to get started and to keep you going if business is slow at first. Patience is a virtue and so is some money saved for a rainy day. But keep in mind that some windshield replacement business franchisors offer financing themselves to qualified candidates.

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