4 Key Facts About The Auto Glass Business

4 Key Facts About The Auto Glass Business

Given that you’re reading this blog, you presumably have some interest in owning an auto glass business. Therefore, it will be helpful to go over come core concepts. Here are four key facts about the auto glass business.

1. The Auto Glass Business Boasts A Customer Base That Is Virtually Unrivalled In Canada.

Nationwide, what businesses have a customer base of around 25 million people? Businesses that sell or serve food, right? Everybody needs to eat, but we don’t all eat the same food. However, every vehicle owner needs auto glass. And when that auto glass cracks, chips, or shatters, they need to employ the services of an auto glass business. This means that all 25 million plus registered road vehicles are potential sources of income for the auto glass business.

2. Having An Enormous Customer Base Is Fantastic. Having An Enormous Customer Base That’s Still Growing? Even Better.

The number of registered vehicles in Canada keeps growing year over year and there’s no reason to expect this trend to stop. And the great thing about the auto glass business is that it’s insulated from other factors that affect different aspects of the automotive business. Electric, hybrid, or internal combustion vehicles? Old vehicles or new vehicles? Japanese, German, or American? It doesn’t matter to auto glass businesses. All these vehicles have auto glass and will therefore need the services of auto glass businesses.

3. Some Businesses Offer Big Returns On Investment, But The Initial Investment Is So Big As To Be Out Of Reach For Most Canadians. This Is Not True For Auto Glass Businesses.

Auto glass businesses are some of the lowest cost franchises around. This is particularly true if you want to buy a mobile auto glass business. Mobile auto glass businesses don’t need a physical commercial location, meaning you can save a ton of money on overhead. All you need is a van to drive you and your equipment to where your clients are and perform the necessary repairs and replacements on the spot. You don’t even need any staff for a mobile auto glass business if you’re willing and able to do all the repairs and replacements yourself.

4. The Auto Glass Business Is More Technologically Advanced Than You Think.

Auto glass is constantly evolving as is glass repair technology. To keep up, auto glass businesses need to invest into research and development. The resins and other equipment used to repair auto glass need to be intricately designed. Auto glass businesses that hold numerous patents on glass repair technology are the ones likeliest to succeed.


NOVUS Glass holds more patents on glass repair technology than any other auto glass business. We also offer mobile and fixed-location auto glass franchises. Please contact us to learn more.

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