4 Aspects Of A Windshield Repair Business Plan That You CANNOT Overlook

4 Aspects Of A Windshield Repair Business Plan That You CANNOT Overlook

The windshield repair business is not particularly complex; the broad strokes of it can be easily understood. But there are nuances of windshield repair business plans that you must understand to be successful.

1. The business plans of independent windshield repair businesses and windshield repair franchises have significant differences. And one is usually superior to the other.

The first step in opening up a windshield repair business is to choose whether you want to open your own, independent windshield repair business or if you’d like to buy a windshield repair franchise. The business plans for these two types of windshield repair businesses will be mostly similar, but there are significant differences. As an independent business owner, you’re likely to save some money by not paying franchising fees. But you will need all that money you save and more –perhaps a lot more– to keep your business afloat for years before you can attract enough customers.

People are not likely to trust their vehicles to just anybody. When there’s a crack in your windshield, who are you going to trust to fix it? “Jim’s Windshield Repair” or a franchise location of a business that has been around for decades and knows what they’re doing? When creating a windshield repair business plan for a franchise location, you can reasonably expect to attract more customers than those who go it alone.

2. Business plans of fixed-location windshield repair businesses require significant investments but should be constructed to maximize revenue.

Fixed-location windshield repair businesses have physical premises. To operate one of these businesses you need to pay for a commercial property and the garage that you install on it. You probably have to pay for staff as well. This is expensive. But this also allows you to service many customers, often multiple customers at once, thus earning more money. Fixed-location windshield repair business plans are all about maximizing revenue.

3. Business plans of mobile windshield repair businesses are all about reducing costs whenever possible.

Mobile windshield repair businesses can be run out of the business-owner’s home. All you need is a van and the necessary equipment and you drive to meet your customers where they are. Many of those who own mobile windshield repair businesses don’t employ any staff at all; they do the repairs themselves. Mobile windshield repair business plans are all about minimizing expenditures and are therefore great options for first-time business owners.

4. A successful windshield repair business plan budgets a significant amount for research and development. Technological innovation is, perhaps surprisingly, very important in the windshield repair business.

The equipment and especially the resins used in windshield repair are deceptively complex. For a windshield repair business to excel, they need access to the top resins. After all, if your repairs don’t last, you won’t attract any repeat business, which is a key component of any windshield repair business plan. This is another advantage of the windshield repair franchise. If you buy your franchise from a franchisor who invests a lot in research and development and who holds multiple patents on windshield repair technology, you’ll have a greater chance at success.

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